Google: Android 8.0 OTA updates will still work even when phones have no space



Seamless Method Updates, introduced with Google’s Pixel, Pixel XL, will be incorporating Streaming updates to handle situations wherever units absence place.

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Google is enhancing an update procedure for Android that will make sure units can set up new OS variations and crucial patch updates even when there is certainly no storage place.

Ars Technica noticed the adjust in new Android documentation for Google’s A/B or Seamless Method Updates, which Google introduced in the Pixel and Pixel XL. The procedure is borrowed from the update motor in ChromeOS.

This seamless procedure allows people to proceed utilizing the product in the course of an update and doesn’t have to have the cache partition to retail outlet OTA update packages.

Android product makers can employ A/B on Android 7.1 and up, but it’s not very clear any have. If they did, it could aid Google enhance Android’s traditionally weak patching file.

For case in point, Google notes seamless updates aided make sure Pixel owners set up its month to month security updates quicker. As of May perhaps, 95 p.c of Pixel owners were jogging the most recent security update right after a single thirty day period, compared with 87 p.c of Nexus people.

Seamless works by using two sets of bootable partitions — referred to as slot A and slot B — with a single made up of a established of lively partitions and the other slot made up of unused partitions to roll back from in the function of an mistake. All update activity can take position on partitions in the unused slot.

Nevertheless it allows a greater update encounter, seamless however demands consumer storage place for downloading the update packages.

In Android 8. Google is incorporating a ‘Streaming updates’ element to the seamless update procedure, which will handle scenarios wherever units absence place in consumer /information storage and only demands a sliver of place in momentary storage.

“End users really don’t always have enough place on /information to down load the update bundle, and neither OEMs nor people want to squander place on a /cache partition so some people go with out updates simply because they have nowhere to retail outlet the update bundle,” Google notes.

“A/B updates have the alternative of streaming the update to handle this issue: streaming writes blocks straight to the B partition as they are downloaded, with out possessing to retail outlet them on /information. Thus, streaming A/B updates want pretty much no momentary storage and want just enough for roughly 100kB of metadata.”

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