New Arsenal appointments are not what Wenger ordered


Arsenal a revolution. Of a type. The day just before a properly deserved, shocking victory about the eternal rivals Spurs – even if just about every of the the Gunners’ actual two ambitions as to some degree tainted – 1 examine of a bewildering host of appointments at the club, allegedly initiated not by Arsene Wenger himself, but by the chief executive Ivan Gazidis, a to some degree puzzling determine who lately, right after being paid out a big shocking bonus, advised us what a marvellous time the Gunners had just had, when, finishing in fifth spot, they substantially unsuccessful at last to reach the ranks of the European Champions Cup.

Now we discover the Gunners’ so-known as chief functions officer, 1 Trevor Cost savings, has led to the many appointments. There is a so-known as head of large effectiveness, in Darren Burgess, although David Priestly will be charged with the mental planning of the gamers. Not to neglect the arrival of a new so-known as effectiveness nutritionist, Richard Allison. And there was I believing that Wenger himself, as shortly as he in the beginning took about, manufactured a issue of supervising that incredibly thing.

A excellent numerous years in the past now Arsenal appointed a resident psychologist, who issued the gamers with a questionnaire of these flatulent banality that 1 of the gamers publicly ridiculed it.

A couple times just before the revelation of these new appointments, 1 examine an excerpt from the autobiography of Graeme Souness, in which he robustly celebrated the times when, as a critical member of the productive Liverpool side under Joe Fagan and Bob Paisley, the gamers barely stayed for a tactical converse.

You ponder how Wenger feels about what looks a myriad of new appointments. My intellect is drawn back again irresistibly to the 1958 Entire world Cup in Gothenburg, when the finally productive Brazilian group introduced a psychologist with them. I interviewed him by way of an interpreter, a compact, unshaven bespectacled guy carrying a gray jumper. He advised me he neither thought in addressing the gamers as a team nor separately. He inspired them to attract shots of footballers. The a lot more elaborate drawings indicated attackers, the essential of them, as defenders. He strongly advised Vicente Feola, the supervisor, not to decide Pele or Garrincha, whom he deemed to be psychologically unsuitable. As we all know these are the two gamers who so brilliantly received Brazil that Entire world Cup.

At a Press conference held just before the Last, Feola was questioned what he thought of the psychologist. His interpreter replied, “Senor Feola is not indicating he wished the psychologist would go to hell, but he is thinking it.”

A propos of Arsenal and all those new appointments, it should really be mentioned that Wenger is getting rid of a notable ally in the condition of the chief scout Steve Rowley who was currently performing for the club when Arsenal Wenger arrived. Gazidis evidently procedures.


Villa in black? Certainly, alas, at Queens Park Rangers last Saturday, with no scintilla of a colour clash, Villa emerged not in the claret and blue which they have been carrying given that the latter 19th century, but all in black. At least you could conveniently examine the white figures on the players’ backs, by sharp contrast with QPR’s figures, challenging to discern from the heights of the Press Box and the back again of their blue and white hoops. Can not they place the figures on a white square?

But Villa alas are no a lot more than 1 of so numerous money-grabbing clubs which ditch their colors in away online games. Why, even Arsenal have so usually been responsible. It’s all a issue of money, of course, though do clubs like Arsenal so desperately need it?

If only the Premiership and the League would difficulty a directive to place an finish to the greedy observe, When I coated Italian soccer in the 1950s, the vogue was that when colors in fact did clash, it was the household group that adjusted. The benign thought powering it being that supporters would so have the possibility to see the visiting group in their actual colors. Content, innocent times.


It is challenging to see why West Ham, struggling in the Premiership, should really transform to David Moyes to conserve their bacon. Moyes prolonged in the past did excellent matters in his time at Everton. But given that then there has been Manchester United. Sociedad. Sunderland. Ouch.


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