BlackBerry pens framework for securing connected and autonomous cars


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(Picture: BlackBerry)

BlackBerry on Wednesday laid out a proposed framework for automakers to tackle the cybersecurity problems encompassing linked and autonomous motor vehicles.

BlackBerry sees 4 market developments that are producing motor vehicles vulnerable to cyber assaults and failures: motor vehicles entry, software command, autonomous driving, and the transforming condition of software. In its whitepaper, BlackBerry proposed variations by means of a 7 pillar method:

  1. Protected the source chain: Be certain the source chain and the software and hardware factors it provides are safe and sound and secure.
  2. Use trustworthy factors: Create a protection architecture that is deeply layered in a defense in depth architecture, with secure hardware, software, and apps.
  3. Employ isolation and trustworthy messaging: Independent security significant and non-security significant units and be certain trustworthy conversation in between these units and to the outdoors entire world.
  4. Perform in-industry health and fitness checks: Watch motor vehicle health and fitness by on a regular basis scanning and reporting a described established of parameters even though the vehicle is in the industry.
  5. Create a speedy incident response community: Share typical vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) and advisories through a trustworthy community of subscribing enterprises.
  6. Use a lifecycle administration program: Like a smartphone, proactively re-flash a vehicle with secure OTA software updates as before long as an problem is detected.
  7. Make security and protection a part of the tradition: Be certain just about every organization involved in supplying automobile electronics is educated in practical security and protection greatest practices to inculcate this tradition inside the organization.

BlackBerry also teased tools and products and services, expressing it will demonstrate its eyesight for linked autos and autonomous motor vehicles at CES in early January.

“Defending a motor vehicle from cybersecurity threats demands a holistic method,” Sandeep Chennakeshu, President of BlackBerry Technological innovation Methods, stated in a assertion. “Leveraging our practical experience as a leader in cybersecurity and embedded automotive software, BlackBerry has developed a proposed framework to shield autos from cybersecurity threats. If adopted, we feel motor vehicles will not only be secure but BlackBerry Protected.”

BlackBerry’s fascination in securing automotive and IoT has not been a secret. In June, it debuted QNX Hypervisor 2. that generates containers to be certain that any breach in 1 automobile software can be contained.


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