Autonomous robot skiers hit the slopes in South Korea


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Self-driving cars and trucks are turning into commonplace. Self-snowboarding robots? Which is a new a single.

South Korea is the country with the optimum robotic density in the world, and the Winter season Olympics have grow to be an chance to showcase the nation’s technological prowess.

So much a robotic has carried the Olympic torch while dozens of others are featuring directions, cleansing floors, and portray murals at Olympic venues.


The snowboarding robots were being crafted by groups competing in a event identified as “Edge of Robot: Ski Robot Problem,” which took place on a slope about an hour outside the house Pyeongchang.

Eight groups from analysis universities and a single private firm went head to head to see whose self-guided snowboarding robotic could make it down a course swiftest while averting obstacles.

The two-legged humanoids had to conform to absolutely expectations of peak, fat, and variety.

The winner was the TaekwonV from South Korea’s Minirobot Corp., which slalomed as a result of five gates in less than twenty seconds.

The video clip previously mentioned reveals the TaekwonV’s rough highway to victory.


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